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Thank you for taking the time to check out Hot Water Cylinder Auckland, the professionals that so many Hot Water Cylinder Auckland Kiwi families call upon for all of their heating needs and solutions. We are so pleased to celebrate our 40th anniversary as a subsidiary of Hot Water Cylinder Auckland corporation, one of the world’s leading heating and appliance manufacturers. During this time, we have had access to some of the most incredible advances in technology. We are extremely proud of our Kiwi heritage, during this time we have designed and manufactured every gas fire right here at home. Our hot water solutions have been designed in Japan, our commitment to staying local helps add that special touch to our solutions. The low-pressure hot water cylinders and automatic boiling water units are designed and manufactured right here on New Zealand soil. Hot Water Cylinder Auckland has spent years researching and developing the highest quality components direct from Europe for use in our stainless steel and enamel cylinders which are then created in our Auckland manufacturing plant.

We are proud of our long heritage in the area, especially the fact that we were the first company to bring continuous flow gas hot water to Kiwis. Even today, our hot water products dominate the market, beginning with the highest star ratings for the non-condensing category. It is possible to save up to 66% in water heating each month, that would account for one of our best creations. AFter our many developments in water, we hit the market with the first ever Rinnai gas heater and would follow up with incredible gas fires soon after. If you wonder what we have up our sleeves, you are just going to have to sya informed.

Hot Water Cylinder AucklandThe Hot Water Cylinder Auckland Timeline

As you might have been able to tell we here at Hot Water Cylinder Auckland are never content to just sit still, we strive to find ways to better our services to you. This is one of the reasons we have decided to begin offering hot water cylinders at Hot Water Cylinder Auckland with the purchase of HJ Cooper in 20012. Considering that HJ Cooper was a century-old company, we believed it was an incredible addition to the company.

With the joining of HJ Cooper into the family of Hot Water Cylinder Auckland, this is going to allow consumers and industry professionals the opportunity to enjoy a wide range of products. However, for all of those that know us in the area know we are all about creating the best for our customers. You will never just be handed a product without discussing what your needs are and how we can help you better. Watch this video for more information:

We want to be the company you know for getting things done quickly and correctly.