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Hot Water Cylinder Installers in Auckland

Mains Pressure Electric Water Heaters (VE) – Electric Water Heaters – Get an Expert Plumber to Give Your a Quote for Free

  • Auckland electric water heaters has best performance regardless of the variables
  • They are manufactured and designed in New Zealand meting the required energy performance standards
  • The hot water delivery goes as high as 40 liters every minute, meeting the hot water needs of various households.
  • The water pressure is rated at a maximum of 1000 kpa
  • There’s a high quality insulation allowing maintenance of optimum water temperature for longer periods as well as saving energy and money
  • It’s suitable for low pressure and unequal pressure usage
  • A Hot Water Cylinder allows you to use as much hot water as you may want. This is certainly a life saver for Auckland households.

Optima Mains Pressure Water Heaters

  • Auckland electric water heaters is the best solution for outdoor and indoor installation
  • Can deliver as much as 40 liters every minute
  • The Optima cylinder has a warranty of 10 years, so you can always count on durability
  • The capacity ranges from 180 to 400 liters
  • Comes with an adjustable thermostat allowing proper control of water temperatures
  • The 300 and 400 liters come with twin heating elements thus they can supply you with hot water for as long as 24 hours every day.

Stainless Steel Mains Pressure Water Heaters

  • They are assembled and designed in New Zealand to meet all the requirements and manufacturer specifications.
  • Manufactured from top quality stainless steel
  • It’s a good solution for both outdoor and indoor installation .
  • It’s perfect for installation with a secondary heat source but can exceed temperature limits set for vitreous enamel cylinders.
  • It should connect effortlessly to a range of solar and heat pump technologies as well as direct vs indirect or top/down external heat sources.
  • The 1135L model isn’t compatible with heat pump/solar

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Low Pressure Vitreous Enamel

It is the new hot water cylinder Auckland. It comes with exciting new benefits and features beloved by all plumbers, property managers, landlords and home owners. Some of the features include the following:

  • The trusted and proven VE technology is compatible with various types of water conditions.
  • It’s perfect for many areas that are not suitable for stainless steel or copper.
  • It has a maximum pressure of 120kpa, allowing you to replace your existing copper water heater with low pressure.
  • Some of the popular models come with three inlets such as left, bottom and right.

Low Pressure Copper

  • It has been pre-wired to meet the building code standards and requirements in New Zealand .
  • Some of the popular models come with three inlets such as right, left and bottom. There are plugs which come with the water heater to seal off any unused inlets.
  • The water pressure has been rated at a maximum of 76kpa.
  • You can always choose the 120kpa, heavy head models.


They come in different configurations and sizes to suit the needs of various households.

  • The sizes range from 135 to 270 liters.
  • The wetback inlet connections come in three options, the left hand, bottom and right hand.
  • The models suit various replacement situations.

All the products are already in stock on Auckland electric water heaters and there’s no need to pre-order.

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